Ken Parke

Managing Director Wet Tech Environmental

  • Certified Financial Planner, CFP Chartered Insurance Professional
  • CIP Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker
  • CAIB Business Administration, Mount Royal University

After 3 decades in the insurance industry, Ken has now been involved with wastewater treatment for nearly a decade. Ken is a founding managing director of Wet Tech Environmental and is involved in business development for the company and administrative aspects. Keen to expand his knowledge in the industry Ken is developing the customer base to take advantage of the number of technologies that we possess.

Following 30 years in the insurance industry, firstly as a marketing representative with an insurance company and subsequent years in the industry as part owner of an insurance brokerage, Ken had a desire to explore innovative and disruptive environmental technologies.  This focus led Ken to become involved in several technologies ranging from oil water separation and the transformation of associated gases for power generation.  Ken spent 5 years with Sewage Treatment Solutions Inc. which was formed in order to commercialize patented products and technologies that the company possessed.  During this period Ken was first introduced to bioaugmentation and pursed this technology seeking out research scientists and business owners involved in the treatment of wastewater using microbial technology.  Expanding technologies beyond bioaugmentation has not only been of keen interest for Ken but has enabled Wet Tech Environmental to provide numerous technologies to a larger scope of water and wastewater treatment applications.    

Ken’s role with Wet Tech Environmental serves as Business Development  along with administrative and management duties

Ken has been active in numerous industry and community organizations, serving as a Director and as President of the Life Underwriters Association Northern Alberta. He has also served as a Director with the Grande Prairie Chamber of Commerce and as an International Director with the Sunrise Rotary Club in Grande Prairie.