Robert Woodward

Founder Wet Tech Environmental

  • International Institute of Accreditation and Certification
  • Inspector Oil and Gas Industry
  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Robert spent 35 years in the oil and gas industry with certificates encompassing five internationally recognized inspection standards.  Working as an independent consultant Rob traveled internationally with his company R2 International Inc.  Robert later founded ParaSolve Ltd. focusing on oil-well maintenance and well optimization using engineered fluids.  Robs’ passion and drive towards creating a company with greater efficiency through the use of environmentally conscious products and practices led to the development and ultimately an active role in the operations of Wet Tech Environmental focusing on business development.

Prior to Wet Tech Environmental, Rob’s most previous business pursuit involved a company called ParaSolve Ltd., specializing in the removal of paraffin wax, asphaltene and bitumen from producing oil and gas wells, pipe lines, storage tanks using proprietary environmentally conscious solution(s) and practices that do not pose any risk to personnel nor to the physical characteristics of downstream distribution.  Focused on efficiencies, the well maintenance servicing procedure did not disrupt well operations.  Unorthodox in approach, Robert instituted the new method that is significantly different from contemporary and traditional programs.  In this well servicing arena, Robert researches the precise hydrocarbon restriction issues and then analyzes the full breadth of inflow restriction components and areas affected in determining and designing a Nu Engineering Fluid product to b delivered into the restricted area(s) and scheduling for ongoing servicing as required for continuous peak performance while transitioning the hydrocarbon restriction into a salable product for the client.

Outside of the well maintenance servicing ParaSolve has generated Optimization/Stimulation Nu Engineered Fluids designed specifically for each well, region and zone to insure that all wells reach their flow potential. ParaSolve has their in house procedures to offer to clients. All Optimization/Stimulation Procedures are engineered for each specific well and must be approved by any and all clients. ParaSolve has also been influential and successful in working with clients to clean out plugged wells, flowlines and well perforations after they had exhausted all of the conventional techniques. 

In collaboration, Robert was instrumental in launching Nu Solutions in 2013, a company specializing in the delivery of new and Innovative Products, Technologies, Procedures and Solutions to old problems in the oil and gas industry, water industry, as well as many other disciplines.  Nu Solutions has been approached by many innovative technologies, products, and services since their launch both for the oil and gas sectors, water sector and other sectors.  Both Nu Solutions and ParaSolve have had individuals from numerous countries sign agreements for their innovative products, technologies, procedures, and solutions.

Robert’s primary focus with Wet Tech Environmental is the involvement, development and distribution of safe, environmentally friendly products, technologies and services that exceed traditional standards.  Rob’s role with Wet Tech will focus on business development and execution.