• Professional Engineer, APEGA (Alberta), APEGS (Saskatchewan), APEGM (Manitoba), Engineers Yukon (Yukon), and NAPEG (NWT)
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Alberta

Trent has experience as a Consulting Engineer for a Civil and Structural Engineering company as well as Project Management for a roadworks contractor in the Edmonton, Alberta region.  Trent has gained extensive experience in, major storm management plans, internal roadways, and approaches as well as Phase One Environmental Assessment prior to work commencement.

Trent has also been engaged in numerous municipal projects throughout the region such as residential drainage issues for completion, grading, and culvert/piping plan to the development of a topographic survey of existing roads, walks, curbs, manholes, ditches, etc. and the preparation of a plan for the existing infrastructure elevations and locations.  This assessment also required presentation of design options and recommendations for correcting the drainage issues, road rehabilitation, and construction.

Other projects have involved flood plain and groundwater analysis completed for a private investor for site development.  Issuance or engineered drawings showing building pocket areas and identifying if basements are permissible as well as an engineered report of the hydrological and drainage findings that can be issued to the County.

As there are several protective regulations (federal and provincial) to prevent construction projects from causing erosion and sedimentation to the surrounding environment proper due diligence is required by implementing best management practices and guidelines.  Trent is qualified to set up and conduct Erosion Control Reviews in Alberta by a certified inspector. An Erosion Control Design and/or Review may include a number of factors.  Trent has expressed the need to take care of the technical details such as the planning and design of water and sewage services based on human settlement demands, etc.   Working closely with his clients on the design process, he is able to ensure a customer’s project is feasible and is provided anticipated timelines.

Trent’s education and experience have resulted in a culmination of a large network of contacts in the construction industry.