Wet Tech Environmental is able to provide its customers with critical solutions for water, wastewater treatment, and water reuse in order to achieve economical desired results.

Wet Tech Environmental’s depth of experience dates back to the 1980’s.

About Wet Tech Enviornmental

Challenges associated with wastewater treatment are prevalent throughout the world. In North America, treatment facilities struggle with a confluence of factors including aging infrastructures, constraints on financing capital upgrades, increased flow, processing demands, more rigorous government regulations and increasing energy costs. These wastewater treatment concerns are not heading in the correct direction, as a result the need for efficient treatment technologies is in high demand.

Adequate treatment and energy consumption for wastewater treatment is an area that can be greatly mitigated with Wet Tech Environmental’s technologies and expertise.

The team at Wet Tech Environmental is comprised of a culmination of wastewater treatment specialists that have spent decades in research, design, and implementation to deliver efficient and economical solutions for wastewater treatment. Our expertise along with our available technologies have enabled solutions for the most difficult wastewater treatment situations.

Wet Tech Environmental’s expertise along with our available technologies provides our customers with critical solutions for reducing the wastewater treatments’ net operating costs. This allows a facility to increase treatment capacity and also enable the facility to produce cleaner effluent (water) facilitating greater water re-use capabilities and cleaner discharge without additional capital expenditures.

Wet Tech Environmental is delivering global water treatment technologies to North America.

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Our Team

John Herring


  • Masters in Environmental Engineering – University of Houston
  • B.S. Bachelor of Science Biology/Chemistry – Vanderbilt University

John is a results-focused professional with a strong background in design, process improvement, and operations of water treatment facilities. Proven success designing complex industrial and municipal membrane systems including wastewater recovery processes. Demonstrated expertise growing three companies’ presence in the water market in a short period of time and producing technical studies optimizing water system economics and sustainability.  Known to lead a diverse, high-performing team while determining process design system specifications, supplier selection, and equipment execution.

John Williams

John "Francis" Williams

Founder - Advisor Wet Tech Environmental

  • Tennessee Technology University
  • Completed BS Mechanical Engineering, Century University

John has devoted over four decades in the water industry including both start-up and corporate experience forming strategic alliances, managing sales, and expanding operations internationally while living overseas for 10 years and working in over 40 countries.   John has served in a CEO position with other wastewater companies and brings not only a wealth of knowledge to Wet Tech Environmental but additionally senior water treatment individuals as well as unique technology, products, and opportunities.   John is a founding managing director with the company.

Dr. John Baker

  • MSEE, Master of Science Environmental Engineering
  • B.S. Bachelor of Science in Biology/Chemistry

Dr. Baker possesses over 40 years of experience involved in compliance, permitting, and evaluating environmental technologies for reducing methane emissions and subsurface migration, odor control, leachate treatment and groundwater impacts of landfills and contaminated properties.  John previously served as Director of New Technology for Waste Management Inc. where he worked for 23 years developing innovative methods for environmental assessment, remediation, and proactive management, operation and design of active and closed landfills, developed and managed over 30 bioreactor landfill demonstrations working with both the Kentucky State and USEPA on a cooperative research basis.

Dr. Imre Pascik

  • Chemical Technology – Bio Engineering
  • PhD Studies – Isocynate Based Polyadducts

Dr. Imre Pascik is another individual that has over 40 years experience in Bio-Engineering.  Imre’s impressive career began with studies at the University of Novi Sad at the Faculty for Chemical Technology and Bio-Engineering.  In addition to PhD studies at the University of Aachen, Institute for Wool Research involving the study of Isocyanate Based Polyadducts.  His work experience revolves around Environmental Bio-technology both research and development and technology.  His career has involved consulting in environmental studies, design of new treatment plants including upgrades and extension.  Imre has also been involved in polymer additives both in lab and pilot projects, biotreatment of wastewater and gases, along with research projects with various universities. 

Dr. Peter Stroot

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Engineering, UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI
  • Master of Science in Environmental Engineering, UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS

Environmental Engineer with expertise in biological wastewater treatment, biotechnology development, and evaluation of energy and water-saving technologies. Peter’s expertise in the wastewater industry has resulted in 12 patents related to biological treatment for wastewater.  Peter has over 20 years of supervisory experience managing more than 50 people with over 10 years of administrative experience which includes preparation and management of budget, procurement of equipment and supplies, strategy, labor review, written and oral communications, regulatory oversight, and travel planning.

Ken Parke

Managing Director Wet Tech Environmental

  • Certified Financial Planner, CFP
  • Chartered Insurance Professional, CIP
  • Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker, CAIB
  • Business Administration,  Mount Royal University

After 3 decades in the insurance industry, Ken has now been involved with wastewater treatment for nearly a decade.  Ken is a founding managing director of Wet Tech Environmental and is involved in business development for the company and administrative aspects.  Keen to expand his knowledge in the industry Ken is developing the customer base to take advantage of the number of technologies that we possess.

Robert Woodward

Managing Director Wet Tech Environmental

  • International Institute of Accreditation and Certification
  • Inspector Oil and Gas Industry
  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Robert spent 35 years in the oil and gas industry with certificates encompassing five internationally recognized inspection standards.  Working as an independent consultant Rob traveled internationally with his company R2 International Inc.  Robert later founded ParaSolve Ltd. focusing on oil-well maintenance and well optimization using engineered fluids.  Robs’ passion and drive towards creating a company with greater efficiency through the use of environmentally conscious products and practices led to the development and ultimately an active role in the operations of Wet Tech Environmental focusing on business development.

Trent Thompson, P. Eng.

Civil Engineer

  • Professional Engineer, APEGA (Alberta), APEGS (Saskatchewan), APEGM (Manitoba), Engineers Yukon (Yukon), and NAPEG (NWT)
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Alberta

With over 2 decades of experience in the construction industry, Trent has been involved with a variety of Civil Engineering projects across small and larger municipalities, private development, and large industrial/commercial/residential scopes of work. 

Trent’s experience encompasses both design and implementation of various wastewater treatment and servicing procedures for both small- and large-scale projects.  Trent’s municipal work has provided extensive knowledge in waterworks, drainage, preliminary designs, phase one and two environmental assessments as well as project management.