Water treatment applications are typically based on a series of multiple processes including pre-filtration, flocculation/ precipitation/ coagulation, sedimentation, sand filtration, and lastly disinfection.  Despite this series of intricate applications consistency is often hard to achieve nor sometimes possible.  Membrane technology, however, utilizes a physical process  producing a consistent separation resulting in a superior quality of filtration in an environmentally method.

AQUADYN® modules use a unique hollow fiber membrane comprised of a hydrophilic polyacrylonitrile (PAN, low-fouling, high-flux, and double asymmetric) which is a mere 0.025 microns.  A double asymmetric configuration allows the membrane to reject solids, bacteria,  and turbidity more effectively due to the filtration layer both outside and inside the hollow fiber.  Issues regarding  pore clogging of the membrane during the backflush process are now resolved as they simply do not occur.

The compactness of the AQUADYN module allows for smaller plant applications and a high level of potential automation resulting in more efficient daily operations.  The AQUADYN membranes offer a complete range of filtration products for a wide spectrum of applications.