John Williams
John “Francis” Williams

Founder – Advisor Wet Tech Environmental

  • Tennessee Technology University
  • Completed BS Mechanical Engineering, Century University

MicrodynNadir 2021 to present

John is currently involved with MicrodynNadir situated in California, USA.  Micrrodyn-Nadir is owned by Mann-Hummel headquartered out of Germany.  Specializing in membrane and filtration technology John’s mandate in his senior position with the company is to expand revenues in the North American market.

Lanxess Corporation September 2018 – 2020

John joined Lanxess Corporation as Global Business Development Membranes to assist the Company in developing market share. Spent several months in Germany at the manufacturing plant and was head of development committee to evaluate membrane manufacturing making recommendations to management. Technical assistance for sales staff including training and initiation of the Ultra-Filtration product roll out. Review of specifications and working with the Cologne Germany office on new membranes, software and directing the Company in coverage of major accounts. Attending conferences and making presentations supporting the membrane product line. Refreshed my past experience with Ion Exchange resins which is the backbone of the water division having manufacturing in Germany and India.

In-Pipe Technology Company, Inc 2008 – 2018

Mr. Williams came into In-Pipe Technology Company (IPTC) on behalf of the Investors/Board of Directors to convert the company from a cash burn situation to a positive EBITDA standing within three years.  In 2015 IPTC is now in a sellable position for the investors. The company has been EBITDA positive for over three years and has taken on no additional debts during this time. The company moved to a new location and build out was below budget as well as fully self-funded under Mr. Williams management. Mr. Williams increased the patent portfolio and retooled the company’s intellectual property over the past three years. He developed engineering capabilities and an expanded network of partners in both the industrial and municipal markets. IPTC has developed an identity over the past ten years as a provider of engineering in the wastewater industry. The company was incorporated in 2010 and added several new contracts to develop new business in both USA and International Markets. Mr. Williams is a member of the IPTC Board of Directors. In 2017 the Company was sold, and Mr. Williams has been retained by the new owners as a consultant to transition the Company.

Layne Christensen Company 2005 – 2008

Entered Company as business development manager in Membrane Technology and was later promoted to VP of Membrane Technology. Developed design team for AutoCAD, Engineering and Design. Later developed a fabrication team in Lakeland, Florida, assisting Layne Christensen in building an eighty million dollar fabrication and project backlog within their water treatment division. Developed business plans and forecasts for the business units while training with several office locations throughout the USA. Introduced new technologies and was on the acquisition team for Layne.

Inge AG Germany 2003 – 2005

Sales Officer and partner in this membrane start-up working with RWE Venture Capital on funding and developed sales plan directing marketing development. Signed certification contracts with Carollo Engineers for California Department of Health Services for membrane and managed testing in Redlands California. Finished USA membrane certification and worked on Ukraine project with GE in Minneapolis, Minnesota for Sterol Chemical in Ukraine. Ukraine was the largest membrane project for Inge during Mr. Williams tenure with this Company.

Hydranautics 1989 – 2003 Developed Asia Pacific, hired staffing for South America, and later moved to Europe. Spent ten years in Europe opening six offices and assisted in buying out a company to expand Hydranautics product line in Ultra Filtration. Worked with engineering firms on two of the largest desalination plants, during the ’90s,