Applications for; Drinking Water, Process Water Re-Use, Irrigation, Mining, Wastewater Treatment, Oil & Gas Industries, Fracking, Soil Treatment, Paper & Pulp Industries. Removal to Turbidity, Color, Odor, BOD, COD, and Inactive Bacteria.


Surface and Ground Water Remediation by providing Oxidation without Mixing, Dosing Pumps or Induction of Oxidation. Resolves Environmental issues of Polluted Lakes, Rivers and all Industrial Sites where Hydrocarbons, Heavy Metals or Organics have leeched into the water.


Advanced Oxidation Process making it possible to intensify the process and remove suspended substances, reduce COD, reduce BOD as well as reduce the space required by 6 times that of traditional wastewater treatment plants. 90% of the wastewater treated can be provided for Agricultural applications.


Virus and Bacteria Disinfectant. For applications in; Hospitals, Public Places, Animal Health & Transport, Food Processing, Horticulture, Equipment and Services, Airports, Personal Hygiene, Aquaculture, and Water Delivery Systems.


Deodor-Oxy reacts with organic molecules and transforms them into hydroxyl radicals, creates sufficient energy to breakdown hydrocarbons. Composed of a hydrogen atom bonded to oxygen atom they are highly reactive readily stealing hydrogen atoms from other molecules to form H₂O.


PHOTOCATALYTIC properties in the presence of light catalyzes the degradation or other reaction of undesired chemicals or microorganisms. Reduction of pollutants such as Hydrogen, Sulfide, Methane, Carbon Dioxide, Pathogens, Arsenic, Lead, Phosphorus, and Nitrates in sewage. SolarOxy also adsorbs heavy metals and toxic chemicals.


Oxysorb is a proprietary formulation that produces a controlled release of Active Oxygen for periods up to a whole year on a single application. Applications for all water ways providing improved water quality, reduction of hydrant overloading, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus.


Oxygenated Water for Biological Treatment. Provides a continuous release of micro bubbles of Oxygen from the bottom to the surface. This steady continuous Oxygenation is consumed by heavy polluted water and leads to a reverse of Eutrophication and not increase turbidity or suspended solids.


WhiteOxy Catalysed Oxidizer for Chemical Oxidation of organics, hydrocarbons including heavy duty wastewater. By design, WhiteOxy simplifies the activated oxygen process to reduces costs and handling. WhiteOxy can be applied as second treatment to destroy further contaminants to sludge, soil and wastewater in order to deep ground water clean.


BlackOxy which is a combination of Activated carbon, Metal chelates, and high pH. Black generates Oxy activation, and this process starts contaminant destruction. Oxy is an advanced chemical oxidation technology designed to treat Leachate contaminants including high concentrations in both Leachate and Landfill.


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SOILOXY is unique, which in process form oxygen. The land where Soiloxy is used remains rich in Oxygen for some year’s and this supports intense “Plant Growth” and with the help of bacteria in the deeper soils consuming the available oxygen decompose the sinking Plant and Carbon matter. Give plants the ability to adsorb CO₂ water and nutrients and use them more efficiently.