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Wet Tech environmental provides water treatment solutions for numerous different issues regarding wastewater. 


Tailings represent the separation of materials being mined from our earth, whether minerals from mining operations or hydrocarbon fluids from oil and gas exploration. Tailings and the accumulation of tailings in ponds are used by many industries to provide storage of undesirable liquid and tailing materials to store during a treatment process with opportunities for reuse or removal to another location. This separation process results in a variety of materials that are typically non-desirable due to their degree of toxicity, cost or simply a lack of technical knowhow to remediate economically.


Precipitation entering a landfill site along with the moisture derived from the disposed waste extracts dissolved and suspended matter from the decomposing refuse creates a liquid concoction referred to as “leachate”. This represents a major problem for municipal solid waste landfill sites posing a serious threat to surface water and groundwater. Government regulations have now begun to restrict wastewater treatment plants from excepting the leachate, requiring landfill sites to deal with the issue themselves.

Leachate pond


PFOS and PFOA are human-made compounds that do not occur naturally in the environment, they are part of a subset of PFASs known as per fluorinated alkyl acids (PFAAs). PFASs are highly fluorinated aliphatic molecules and have been released to the environment through industrial manufacturing , product use, and disposal of PFAS-containing products.


Cyanobacteria, or commonly known as blue-green algae places many humans and animals at a heightened health risk. Found in almost every waterway, the blue-green algae blooms present a toxic environment for humans, animals, and aquatic life. This impact creates not only severe health concerns but also presents a severe economic issue as well. Ocean and in particular lake properties, as well as adjacent businesses rely heavily on tourism dollars. When blue-green algae is present however an impact is felt with not only tourism revenues but property values as well.