A Brief Description of Our Technologies


Electronic Frequency Pulse technology involves the use of free radicals to treat contaminated wastewater. A disruptive technology this will displace many traditional wastewater treatment technologies by providing many benefits over traditional wastewater treatment systems.  With low operating costs this technology is capable of transforming wastewater with high concentration from industrial wastewater, high COD chemical waste, organic waste and high BOD concentrations of wastewater to reusable water.


Levapor is an advanced MBBR (Moving Bed Bio Film Reactor) and IFAS (Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge) media for biological wastewater treatment. Levapor MBBR media is made of reticulated PU foam impregnated with activated carbon which provides very high specific surface area, high adsorption capacity and high inner porosity. The specific properties of Levapor proprietary technology allows growth of highly active and efficient biofilms resulting in a remarkably higher process performance compared to conventional activated sludge, plastic MBBR media and conventional attached growth processes.


Bioaugmentation, also referred to as biological wastewater treatment is a process in which Wet Tech Environmental provides unique customization. By strategically dosing bacteria into the wastewater upstream within the sewer collection system the treatment of wastewater begins immediately. This technology increases the area of treatment by turning the entire sewage collection system into part of the wastewater treatment facility.


Membrane technology involves the related engineering and scientific approaches to determine proper flows and rejections based upon the constituents in the feed stream and the desired result for each application.  Membrane options include Micro Filtration, Ultra Filtration, Nano Filtration, and Reverse Osmosis in a variety of polymeric or ceramic offerings.  Wet Tech also provides consulting services for initial design or problem-solving.



In addition to our other wastewater treatment technologies, Wet Tech Environmental provides a multitude of environmentally friendly media products to achieve exemplary water and wastewater treatment results.  Watch Water, a German company with over 40 years of experience, sells water and wastewater treatment products to 45 countries around the world.  Our relationship with Watch Water enables Wet Tech Environmental to provide media for water and wastewater treatment applications throughout Canada and the USA.

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