Electronic Frequency Pulse Technology, (EFP) is a disruptive wastewater treatment technology developed with the collaborative involvement of the  Environmental Institute Division at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore (NTU).

The EFP Technology was created initially in 1999 and designed for commercial application of wastewater treatment using “Free Radicals”.  

Over the past 20 plus years the technology has been operating effectively in Singapore, Korea, China and now being introduced to North America.  An example of EFP Technology’s effectiveness is the ability to totally destroy hydrocarbon residue present in oil sand boiler wastewater at a minimal cost.  

A look at comparative technologies reveals why the EFP technology outperforms traditional technologies in numerous areas.

  • Lowest Running Cost compared to conventional wastewater treatment system.
  • No harmful byproducts or secondary pollution, No dioxins, furans, sulfur dioxide or nitrogen oxides.
  • Scalable and Stackable Design with small physical footprint,  (Example: a 5,000 m3/day system can be housed in 2×40 foot container).
  • Allows total reuse of treated water.
  • Instant onsite transformation or wastewater to re-usable water.
  • Not affected by cold weather.
  • No chemical needed for the treatment process.