UV light

Hydroxyl Radical UV Technology

Hydroxyl Radical UV technology represents a significant technology with a multitude of benefits. The fundamental process of this technology is the production of OH radicals in the air phase of the UV process using UV bulbs and catalytic devices that produce OH radicals.  These Hydroxyl radicals have a short half life but convert to ozone O3 which will remove the Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) gases (rotten egg odor) in lift stations and interceptors within a wastewater collection system. 

At high levels H2S gases can be deadly to humans and is strictly controlled under both industrial and municipal applications.  The odor that resonates from high concentrations of H2S, represents one of the most frequent complaints received by municipalities with respect to their wastewater concerns.  Typically, treatment plants are located near rivers, lakes, or oceans for ease of discharging their treated effluent.  Often times however, residences are located very near these wastewater treatment plants and as a result ongoing legal battles arise.  Wet Tech Environmental will provide this technology to their customers immediately, execution and delivery of this product will become more accessible as more aspects of the manufacturing process are brought in-house.

With Wet Tech Environmental’s UV technology is capable of resolving many odor issues at a very economical cost. This UV technology is also used in other applications; water phase applications for standard disinfection, Advanced Oxidation Production  (AOP) for destruction of difficult Disinfection By-Products (DBP’s), and organic matter in the water that can foul other treatment steps in any potable water or manufacturing process.

Air is disinfected as well, much like water is disinfected, and returned to service.  UV disinfection is currently being used in office buildings to recirculate air, saving money for these buildings.  In cold weather months thousands of dollars are saved daily as recirculated air does not need to be heated, conversely in hot weather money is saved on cooling costs.

Our technology is a negative pressure air phase device that has been built and tested, this equipment can be rapidly deployed with several configurations depending upon the size of the treatment plant and level of H2S to be removed.