Water membrane


Membrane technology involves the related engineering and scientific approaches to determine proper flows and rejections of constituents in the feed stream based on the desired result for a specific application.  This technology describes the mechanical separation processes for separating liquids or gases.  In addition to the “purification” factor other benefits of the membrane technology reveal there is no need for “chemicals” and a “relatively low energy requirement”.  Based upon the premise of allowing water or gases to flow through while catching suspended solids and other substances, the process is very effective with respect to achieving desired results. 

Although it has been cited that one of the major drawbacks to membrane technology is the continual backwash or “plugging” off of the membrane, Wet Tech reduces this issue substantially by providing adequate treatment of the wastewater preceding the membranes.  Biological treatment, filtration media are cited as some of our technologies that may be in place prior to the wastewater reaching our membranes.  This implementation of prior treatment affords a considerable benefit for the membrane application.   

Wet Tech Environmental’s knowledge of membrane technology is traced back through one of its founders, who is specialized in membrane technology.  The knowledge surrounding the membrane technology is a key component to providing proper overall water treatment.  It’s not only the knowledge however that enables Wet Tech Environmental to provide the tailored solution for our clients but our ability to access membranes from multiple associates that we work with.

Water costs and scarcity has turned the water reuse market into one of the fastest-growing industries in North America.  Wet Tech Environmental believes that water re-use will enable our clients to solve many of their water demands while at the same time reducing their wastewater issues.  

As wastewater professionals, we will listen to the client’s needs and advise them on the best alternatives to improve their company, not to mention their carbon footprint.  Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration as well as reverse osmosis membranes are readily available in the market.  WTE has relationships to fabricate and deliver solutions for all applications whether this would be polymeric or ceramic membrane solutions.