Odalog Technology


Collection systems can be monitored by providing a continuous measurement value of sulphuretted hydrogen (H2S) concentration in sewage works or systems.  The existence of this service will also confirm reductions of the H₂S gas, enabling verification by monitoring before and after our Wet Tech services are provided.  

The OdaLog RTx wireless gas logger has capabilities to provide real-time logging of H2S in lift stations or manholes in the collection system for both combined and sanitary sewer systems.  The sensor is protected against ambient humidity and has an IP66/IP68 protection rating with capabilities of storing up to 42,000 values.  Operating as a standalone unit, the Odalog has lithium batteries that are sufficient to provide 8 months’ of operation.

Service offerings to both industrial and municipal clients provide capabilities to monitor and calibrate instruments either in-house by Wet Tech Environmental or these services can be subcontracted to others depending upon the clients’ needs and situation.

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