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Providing disruptive wastewater treatment technologies enables us to provide solutions for a variety of wastewater issues.

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The current demand faced by municipalities to achieve compliance with wastewater regulations is becoming more challenging all the time.  Wet Tech Environmental can effectively treat wastewater for municipalities using non-traditional technologies that often times can be achieved through operating costs without requiring large capital expenditures. 


In the U.S. there are more than 90,000 industrial facilities requiring water discharge permits; these are generally facilities with sufficiently large flow to justify treatment equipment rather than paying municipalities for this service (McIlvaine & Company, 2004).  While organic biosolids (sludge) from municipal wastewater represent 8% of the 86.5 million dry tons of total biosolids produced in the U.S. annually,  larger amounts of biosolids are coming from industry and agriculture.  Canada possesses equally significant volumes, wastewater discharge for manufacturing, mineral extraction and thermal-electric power generation was 29.9 billion cubic metres in 2009.  


Industries worldwide are dependent on the supply of commodities from under the earth’s surface  making the mining sector a fundamental industry to the world’s economy.  In the U.S. alone gross output for 2018 represented 624 billion U.S.   Canada’s mining industry represented equally significant revenues and is one of the largest in the world, contributing some 97 billion Canadian dollars to their GDP.


Beer Photo The food and beverage industry alters the landscape dramatically for most municipal wastewater treatment facilities.  Although municipalities administer surcharges for these types of industries for their discharges of wastewater, the municipality must now accommodate the wastewater from these types of industries at their treatment facility.  This is especially true if no pretreatment is performed at the manufacturer’s facility.  The surcharges imposed on the wastewater discharges can have significant financial impacts on the manufacturing facility if no pretreatment takes place at the facility.  By pretreating, not only are surcharges reduced but the potential for water reuse exists as well.

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