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Food and beverage

The Brewers Association states that “In many communities, breweries may be the largest consumer of water and the largest source of organic effluent that must be treated by the municipal treatment plant. This presents unique supply and cost concerns”.  

With the approximate water requirement of a brewery at 7 bottles of water to make one bottle of beer coupled with the large wastewater surcharges implemented by municipalities large benefits can be achieved by effective on-site wastewater treatment.


Similar to the brewing industry the dairy industry is considered to be one of the largest industrial food wastewater sources, and in approximately 50% of the world’s whey production facilities, it is untreated prior to disposal into sewer systems.  Water requirements, similar to breweries are also significant, equating to approximately 2.5 times the amount of wastewater generated compared to that of processed milk.  With water playing a key role in all aspects of the milk manufacturing process, the importance of pretreatment of wastewater for water reuse purposes and the reduction of surcharges for wastewater discharge is financially and environmentally prudent.

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Government-imposed regulations for effluent surcharges are not on the decline, nor is the cost or availability or our water.  The importance to maximize both sides of this equation by pretreating our wastewater prior to discharge in order to reduce large surcharges as well as providing the capability for water reuse will enhance not only a companies financial well being but also their corporate image.

Corporations literally spend thousands if not millions of dollars on marketing and branding to promote their corporate identity.  The public pressure imposed on large-volume water users and wastewater-creating companies can diminish the efforts spent on branding and marketing. 

Wet Tech Environmental can provide viable solutions to reduce costs and maintain both a positive corporate image and a healthier bottom line.

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The manufacturing process of either beverages or food has a tremendous impact on our wastewater treatment facilities.  The surcharges imposed by municipalities to encourage these types of manufacturing facilities to apply proper pretreatment of effluent prior to disposal can determine substantial consequences on the bottom line of any business operation. 

By engaging Wet Tech Environmental, wastewater treatment technologies can be applied that will not only reduce surcharges imposed on discharge levels but can also present opportunities for water reuse.