While organic biosolids (sludge) from municipal wastewater represent 8% of the 86.5 million dry tons of total biosolids produced in the U.S. annually,  larger amounts of biosolids are coming from industry and agriculture.  Canada possesses equally significant volumes, wastewater discharge for manufacturing, mineral extraction and thermal-electric power generation was 29.9 billion cubic metres in 2009. 

Discharge of untreated or under-treated wastewater into our waterways or sewer systems can create severe consequences for the industry.  Surcharges are imposed for wastewater levels above regulatory levels and the potential for fines and even prosecution can occur depending upon the severity of the situation.  Applying wastewater treatment solutions for wastewater discharges at the very least will aid in the reduction of surcharges, increase capacity and reduce odours.

Wastewater technologies provided by Wet Tech Environmental can assist industrial and commercial wastewater treatment processes by providing a vast array of technologies to achieve positive results.  “Cold Plasma” technology is an advanced technology capable of treating some of the most difficult contaminants.  “PFOS/PFAS”, regarded as a “forever contaminate”, is a chemical compound developed in the 1940s is now being found in our air, soil and water and has created serious consequences for our environment and our health.  Our cold plasma technology is a robust technology capable of PFOS/PFAS as well as chemical, medical, or other types of hazardous wastes.  Similarly “Cavitation” is another available technology that can be administered for difficult to treat contaminates.  A process that generates highly oxidant radicals such as OH this chemical behaviour is analogous to that of Advanced Oxidation Processes.

Through a variety of different technologies, we are capable of providing solutions for the industry that lower wastewater discharge levels, offering the industry compliance with government regulations and keeping the “doors” to the business open.


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