Water municipalities

Wet Tech Environmental’s various technologies can provide solutions to a number of concerns faced by Municipalities.  Whether it is non-compliance, overcapacity, odor concerns, sludge removal, or high nitrogen levels these issues can be dealt with effectively and economically by Wet Tech Environmental’s technologies. 

See here for Alberta’s wastewater regulations to give you an idea of the requirements needed for municipalities to meet certain standards. 

The primary benefit of using Wet Tech Environmental technologies is that it reduces a wastewater treatment facility’s net operating cost and enables the facility to produce cleaner effluent water without additional capital expenditure.

Specific Benefits Include:

  • Our “Bioaugmentation” technology which has the ability to reduce biosolids produced (up to 40%), and their associated handling and disposal costs.
  • This technology can result in a power consumption saving for aeration by up to 50% and other energy costs required for pumping wastewater through the collection system resulting in further energy savings.
  • Reduce maintenance labor and system blockages associated with fats, oil, and grease (FOG) as well as the associated damage costs associated with community flooding.
  • Reduce the use of harmful or expensive manmade chemicals.
  • Reduction of noxious odors and infrastructure corrosion through the reduction of H₂S gases can be achieved not only with our “Bioaugmentation” process but also our “Hydroxyl Radical UV Technology” which is strategically placed at lift stations.
  • H₂S gas monitoring provided by “Odalog” technology provides the municipality peace of mind for their workers knowing levels are acceptable for human exposure.  This also provides a certainty that Wet Tech Environmental’s other technologies are creating results.
  • Reduce discharge pollutant levels (COD, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, TSS), turning non-compliant plants compliant.  Not only will our “Bioaugmentation” provide a benefit to achieving compliance but also our patented “Nitrimore” process specifically engineered to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus levels.
  • Increase treatment plant capacity resulting in a reduction or potentially eliminating further capital investment.
  • Potential for delay or elimination of capital expenditures.

Although our technologies are designed for permanent solutions for municipalities’ wastewater treatment infrastructure our applications can also be used effectively to bridge the gap when municipalities are expanding existing infrastructure and are seeking economical solutions to achieve compliance during new build stages.