An export oriented soap producing company in the South East Asia is setting up a new production facility for their quality soap products.


The premises is expected to generate wastewater containing high amount of surfactants with high COD levels.  Due to stringent discharge standards, the premises is required to meet a COD < 100 ppm treated effluent criteria.

  • High levels of Surfactants present in the effluent
  • COD as high as 10000-15000 ppm
THE SOLUTION – Soap industry effluent

Based on our previous experience with similar effluent containing surfactants, a treatment process using DAF and the LEVAPOR IFAS process was proposed.

The following criteria proposal for the Soap industry included :

  • Equalization Tank
  • DAF with chemical dosing
  • LEVAPOR IFAS Reactor
  • Secondary Clarifier

Despite having high COD load and the presence of surfactants with other solvents and active detergent products, the plant is achieving desired COD reduction of < 100 ppm at the outlet.